Will we have Nuremberg type trials for the cabal?


I have been researching this topic for a few months now, and found a few websites that talked about that possibility. For some, its pure speculation while others really believe that this will indeed happen. If it does, who would we see in the box of the accused? Well, we could think of the family members of the 13 bloodlines, many of the heads of state, banksters of the IMF, World Bank, JPMorganChase, Vatican Bank, Bilderberg group, the Royal families, and the list goes on and on.

For the past 2 years or so, Cobra has been talking about “the event” on his portal website. The event includes a global reset for the world’s economy as well as mass arrests of the cabal, who have been keeping us slaves of a debt system.  He also said that  cabal members would be prosecuted for their crimes.  Charges would include crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc.

A lot of people are following Rob Potter on thepromiserevealed.com , who interviews Cobra on a regular basis. Below is the July 2015 interview with cobra.

The “resistance movement”, according to Cobra, is working behind the scenes to put an end to the domination from the cabal.  Time will tell if all of this information is accurate or not. On a personal note, i sort of wish the information is  accurate.


In nlight


~ teklordz