The madness of war

The situation in the Middle East is getting worst and the banksters are making sure that chaos remains in that part of the world. Why? To maintain fear in the collective consciousness in order to remain in power over the rest of us.  Unfortunately for them, there are players in that chess game that can’t be messed with, namely Russia and China. The Syrian crisis is engineered by the West but Russia’s intervention is troubling the power elites.  This article on RT really explains well the mindset of Putin in this crisis and the reaction in Washington.

Another article that was posted on RT reports that Jihadists massacred 56 Syrian soldiers at a captured air base. When will we finally have peace on this planet? If we look at the situation objectively, we know that it’s all about control and domination. The elites are desperate because they now that their time is almost up. There will be great changes on this planet and these elites will have to answer for their crimes against humanity.

I still have hope that a diplomatic solution will be found, and that intelligent people will find a solution to the crisis.  The Western banking system needs to be replaced in the very near future. We cannot, as a species, continue with this insane system, or else humanity will self destruct very rapidly.  The domination game must end, and total freedom must prevail.

Humans will have to realize that war and hatred is not the answer. But yours truly is not worried because i know we are in a transition period between 2 very different civilizations. This transition will be very difficult for many but humans can adapt (most of the time) to just about any situation.


In light

~ teklordz