The collapse of a rigged system

chart1The debt bubble started to implode on most stock markets worldwide. Stock markets are already crashing in 23 nations, most of which are emerging markets. On Thursday and Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 880 points. The devaluation of China’s currency last week as well as the resignation of the Prime Minister of Greece have contributed to this debacle.

By now, almost everyone knows that this “system” is rigged beyond repair. A lot of investors have lost a lot of money in recent days. A system based on debt and derivatives is not sustainable and never will be. The banksters greed and lust for power is coming to an end.  We may very well witness a crisis worst than the 1929 crash.  There is a big currency war going on right now and nobody will win that war.

We need a new system that will be fair for everyone on this planet, a system without interest rates. All nations should print and manage their own currencies, not give that task to  a private corporation like the Federal Reserve. Eventually, humanity will go beyond the need to use currency and we are not that far away from that reality.  But in the meantime,  the culprits of this rigged system will need to answer for their crimes against humanity.  The light will prevail!


~ teklordz