The Blue Avians deception


There has been a lot of discussion in the alternative media regarding Corey Goode and his information regarding his experiences with the Blue Avians. David Wilcock is interviewing Corey Goode on and these interviews are on a subscription basis only. The first 2 episodes are free and now they also offer the 5th episode for free as well.

Today, i saw a post on about an interview by Kerry Cassidy with her guest “The Ruiner”.¬† According to an article written by the ruiner, “the Blue Avians are an Illuminati creation, and this tale has been specifically crafted to work for specific people“. Corey Goode was a milab victim and this¬† was originally reported in his first interview with Bill Ryan of Project Avalon and Christine (his former girlfriend). You can find the youtube version here.

Alfred Lambremont Webre of confirmed on many occasions the statements of “The Ruiner”. One needs to be careful when dealing with milab victims. I was at first fascinated by the Corey Goode story but i now realize i was deceived with programmed disinfo. When first interviewed by Bill Ryan, the interview was presented as “disclosure”, which is totally false. Corey was simply relaying his delusions in that interview.

A lot of people that are following David Wilcock and Corey Goode will sooner or later discover the deceptive information coming out of these video interviews.

*special thanks to @Julicious of for posting the YouTube link of the interview with “The Ruiner”

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