The biggest crash in history?














Today can be called a black Monday for the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. After the disastrous results in the Asian markets,  the index fell over 1000 points and later corrected but nevertheless, fluctuated to finally fall  588 points at closing. A handful of day traders made some interesting profits today but most investors were not that lucky.


According to Gregory Mannarino, this crash is even worst than the 1929 crash.  He also doesn’t believe that it was a market correction phase.  I have chekced the index all day and it was interesting to see the roller coaster ride on the live charts. I even had a weird thought of brokers jumping out of windows! 🙂





Please view video below.

I believe that we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. The markets will continue to fall and bring humanity in a global depression never experienced in human history. Be prepared for anything, make sure you have everything you need to go through this major crisis.


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~ teklordz