New evidence from Wikileaks


Today, Wikileaks has released new evidence  proving that the NSA was spying on Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and 20 more at the Foreign Ministry. The spying on German politicians began prior to 9/11. A previous leak from Wikileaks revealed the spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The US government really wants to keep the upper hand in foreign policies, and today’s revelations will force the German government to re-evalutate their security in communications.

However, the biggest leak regarding the spying on the part of the NSA came from Edward Snowden. The NSA is spying worlwide and almost every nation is being monitored. If the spying persists, some nations may restrict/refuse access to any Americans on their soil, which could affect the tourism industry.

In a interview with Spiegel, Julian Assange said “We are drowning in material”. He also talks about the return of the whistleblowing platform and his desire to help the German Parlamentiary committee investigate the mass NSA spying. Hopefully, the German government will take these new revelations very seriously.

The Spiegel interview with guest Julian Assange