Minds.com The ultimate social network



I have been a member of minds.com for a while now, and i can definitely say that it’s the best social network i have ever tried. Why you may ask? Well for starters, there is no adds, there is no games, the mobile application is awesome and most of the members are really awake and aware.  With the mobile application, you can even boost your posts with the points you accumulate when you are active on the site, in order to get more views.

Freedom of speech is very important to me and minds.com is the place to be to see that it is respected. Unlike Facebook who now wants some of their users to show government issued ID’s to verify their identity,  you can be totally anonymous, and there is no AI buddy to help you interact with your friends.

I have seen some conversations on minds that “blew my mind”. Some of the members show signs of intense intelligence and their light is very strong.  The information i have gathered in the past few weeks has been very helpful in order to expand my own consciousness.  This on line community is simply the best on the web.

Anon from “Anonymous United” interviews William (Bill) Ottman, the Co-Founder of Minds.com



In light

~ teklordz