Kali Linux: My review

Screenshot from 2015-08-09 20:28:08

I downloaded Kali Linux and installed it on an old PC. Screenshot from 2015-08-09 21:05:33Although the download ISO file was larger than 3Gb, it was downloaded quite fast.

It’s full a cool features and probably the best distro for offensive security. The new 2.0 version will be available on August 11, 2015. I’ll make sure to update to that version.

There’s a lot of hacking tools i will have to test in the next few days, i just need to increase security before i start. This version of Linux is definitely not for beginners, especially those who have never used a Linux distro before. Any new software install is usually done in “terminal”. More info can be found on kali.org

For beginners, i recommend Ubuntu Gnome, it’s probably the easiest version of Linux. It has a software center where you can easily install all the applications you need.

I will write another article as soon as i update this Kali Linux to version 2.0


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~ teklordz