Is Germany next?


After the recent events in Paris, France, will Germany be the next victim? In a recent article on RT, it is mentioned that Merkel got some intel from British spies about the threat posed by the Islamic State. Was this an attempt to scare and intimidate the German Chancellor into backing the plan for a new world order or is this a clear warning that Germany will be next?

We know that Germany has very close ties with Russian President Putin. Officially, they have met a few times already regarding the Crimea/Ukraine crisis, but the real reasons are much deeper than it would seem. The economic ties between the 2 countries are very strong for Germany depends heavily on Russian gas.

Another reason is that Germany has already pledged to join the BRICS alliance. Also, the relations between the US and Germany have deteriorated in the past few months because of the Snowden revelations regarding the spying on German officials, including Angela Merkel.

It would not be surprising to see the next false flag attack on German soil. The global elites are desperate as they want to maintain at all cost their precious power over the rest of the world.  It will be interesting to see how thing develop in the next few months. The European bankers are trying to maintain the European Union intact but it will prove to be very hard since there is a lot of economic problems in the old continent.

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~ teklordz