Forbes forcing users to disable Adblock Plus


This writer had an exchange with a reporter from the Forbes website on Twitter. The reporter posted a link that i tried to open by clicking on the URL but to my surprise, was greeted with the following.


After seeing this “notice”, i decided to confront the journalist in question like this.


I respect journalists and their work. However, there is something people should know.  If you disable the Adblock Plus (Add-don for Firefox) when visiting the Forbes website, you are served with malware. Here’s a screenshot i found while reading another article on the same subject.

*Note: A javascript is used to force visitors to disable Adblock Plus


This type of malware can cause a lot of damage on your computer.  Yours truly always has the Adblock Plus active while browsing the internet. If some websites will not allow this Add-on, well i’ll simply ignore that website and never go back to it. I also don’t care how websites make their money, but they will not impose their will on me. I willl not accept to be bombarded with advertisements. Be careful out there folks, the web is full of surprises.

~ teklordz