Farmers and police union representatives block roads in Greece


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Farmers  are blocking roads in Greece to protest against austerity measures imposed by the government.  Police union representatives are supporting the farmers actions because of cuts to the public insurance bill and higher taxes. Also, by decision of the Coordinating Committee Notarial Associations of Greece, all over the country, notaries will strike from Wednesday 27/1 to Friday 29/1, participating in the strike of lawyers and bailiffs against changes to the insurance bill.

Farmers are no longer alone in their fight against austerity measures by the Greek Syriza party. The nationwide federation of producers of agricultural products are joining the fight and closing the street markets. According to an insider source, these actions may force the government in power to resign and precipitate new elections.  Farmers are asking government representatives to not vote on the proposed changes to the insurance bill and the tax hike. If the representatives decide to vote on the proposed changes, they would not be welcome in their own county any more.

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Right now, there are blockades close to Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.  The situation is constantly changing and we might witness an expansion that would affect the Greek Capital Athens.

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It is the first time since 1974 that all the unions stand together in a common fight for freedom and of course it is the first time that Greece is in that kind of situation. The levels of suicides has increased dramatically throughout the Greek nation.  If the Greek people unite in solidarity, the government in place can not survive. The farmers are fighting for the entire population of Greece and are asking the Greek people not to watch the mainstream media news.


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