Dow Jones index quickly falling

1monthThe above chart shows the fall of the DJIA (Dow Jones Insdustrial Index). In less than a month, it fell more than 700 points.  The Federal Reserve, who constantly manipulates the markets via JPMorganChase and Deutsche Bank will not be able to maintain their inflated markets for very long. There is a major currency war going on right now between China and the Western financial crooks.

Also, in an article posted today on, the financial problems in Greece are far from over.  The Eurozone is still walking on thin ice, and i still believe that the European Union will soon collapse.  The so called elites have lost control and they are scrambling to fix something that can not be fixed. Their greed and lust for power is turning against them.

The entire (fake) financial system is about to collapse, perhaps as early as next month. As i have stated many times, be ready for anything, don’t rely on governments for anything, because they don’t care about you and i. The light is winning big time over the dark forces who are desperately trying to maintain their dominion over the rest of us.  We will prevail, we will be free!


In light

~ teklordz