Centralized vs Decentralized internet

Nowadays, most internet users rely on simplicity while browsing the world wide web. The majority of websites are hosted on centralized servers which makes the data vulnerable to prying eyes from government agencies. Almost all of the mainstream social networks have back doors that allow these agencies to collect data from its users. Before the internet became mainstream, we had more of a decentralized model with Usenet and IRC.

The centralization of internet has put an end to any kind of privacy and major corporations are making huge profits because of it. There are of course exceptions like people using the Tor network or using a VPN to browse the web anonymously. New decentralized networks have been created recently. They are still in the development stage but will probably be ready within a few months.

We need to have an open web but we also need to have privacy. We cannot accomplish this if we remain in the current model of centralization. Only a decentralized model will give the world wide web back to its users. If everyone would run their own node on internet, it would radically change our way of life. We would finally have our privacy back and not be subjected to constant advertising and censorship on the part of corporations.

Please view  the video below on the subject of Decentralized Internet with special guest Bill Ottman, co-creator of minds.com

~ teklordz

The Minds Panel Show: Decentralized Internet – June 12, 2016