Central banks planning world war?

Federal Reserve Building

The situation is critical for the central banks. Their plan is to ignite another world war so they can maintain their debt based system on the planet. There are rumours that the Fed will increase interest rates next month but this would create chaos on a massive scale in the financial markets. If they do not raise the rates, it would be even worse.

According to Gregory Mannarino, the strong arm or the enforcer for the Federal Reserve is the military. The recent event in Paris and the shooting down of a Russian plane above the Syrian/Turkish border are hints for this evil plan on the part of the bankers. They will do anything to maintain the debt system in place.

Russia just added the Yuan as currency reserve. This latest move is yet another nail in the coffin of the petro-dollar. President Putin wants to kill the US dollar and he’s doing a very good job to make it happen. Yours truly predicts yet another false flag in Europe in the very near future that would kick start this insane agenda for global war. Fortunately, it will not work. Military brass in the US and Russia already signed a secret agreement that will prevent such an endgame event.

If we want to survive as a species, we can not afford a world war. The light forces will intervene and they will put an end to this madness. The Central banking system must be destroyed and replaced with an intelligent system that will be fair for everyone.

In light

~ teklordz