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Farmers and police union representatives block roads in Greece


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Farmers  are blocking roads in Greece to protest against austerity measures imposed by the government.  Police union representatives are supporting the farmers actions because of cuts to the public insurance bill and higher taxes. Also, by decision of the Coordinating Committee Notarial Associations of Greece, all over the country, notaries will strike from Wednesday 27/1 to Friday 29/1, participating in the strike of lawyers and bailiffs against changes to the insurance bill.

Farmers are no longer alone in their fight against austerity measures by the Greek Syriza party. The nationwide federation of producers of agricultural products are joining the fight and closing the street markets. According to an insider source, these actions may force the government in power to resign and precipitate new elections.  Farmers are asking government representatives to not vote on the proposed changes to the insurance bill and the tax hike. If the representatives decide to vote on the proposed changes, they would not be welcome in their own county any more.

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Right now, there are blockades close to Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.  The situation is constantly changing and we might witness an expansion that would affect the Greek Capital Athens.

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It is the first time since 1974 that all the unions stand together in a common fight for freedom and of course it is the first time that Greece is in that kind of situation. The levels of suicides has increased dramatically throughout the Greek nation.  If the Greek people unite in solidarity, the government in place can not survive. The farmers are fighting for the entire population of Greece and are asking the Greek people not to watch the mainstream media news.


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The lifting of sanctions on Iran may drive the stock markets even lower

Screenshot from 2016-01-17 16:51:46Sanctions by the US and the EU on Tehran were lifted on Saturday and this may prove catastrophic for the stock markets. Oil prices have dropped below the $30 mark and will likely go down even more because Iran now has access to the world’s markets. A greater supply will likely hurt the energy markets. It is expected that Iran will export between 600,000 and 1 million barrels per day.

The Dow Jones Index closed below the 16,000 mark on Friday after dropping 391 points.  The tension is high among investors and the fear of lower oil prices only amplifies this fear. The US stock futures are down triple digits for the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones index which could signify another drop in world markets on Monday.


Screenshot from 2016-01-17 17:08:51The Asian markets will also feel the pressure of the lifting of sanctions on Iran and may cause even greater bearish market activities.


This writer will keep an eye on these markets to see if the downward trend will continue throughout the coming week. Below is the latest interview with Gerald Celente regarding the coming collapse in 2016.

Cataclysmic year for markets according to RBS


In a recent Telegraph article, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has advised clients to sell “everything” except high quality bonds. The stress alerts are similar to the alerts of 2008 when the housing market collapsed.  With the downward trend in the Chinese markets in the past couple of weeks, it is clear that these markets are in a big correction phase and that we could witness a 10 to 20% reduction for the European and American markets.

According to Morgan Stanley, the price of Brent crude could fall to the 20$ mark if the US currency keeps rising. It is obvious that the Fed is manipulating the currency trade via quarterbacks like JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche bank. The recent hike of .5% for interest rates by the Fed is a big factor in this.

The debt bubble is about to pop and this writer believes that nothing can stop it from happening. The system is broken beyond repair and must be replaced by another. When this happens, the transition phase between the 2 systems will be very difficult for many people. In the crash of ’08, 8 million people lost their jobs and 6 million lost their homes in the US. This time around, it could be even worse.

Wall Street’s major players are also worried that 2016 will be even worst than 2015 for the markets. Optimism has taken a huge hit in 2015 for investors and this trend will continue in 2016. The primary concern to strategists going forward in 2016 is how divergent central-bank policies — the Federal Reserve tightening and the European Central Bank easing — will boost the dollar and subsequently pressure earnings of U.S. companies doing business abroad. They’re also looking for heightened volatility and uncertainty during a presidential election year.


Financial Armageddon: Has it begun?

Asian Markets – 22:55pm, Jan 6, 2016


For the second time this week, trading was halted at the Shanghai SE Composite Index after a 7.32% drop. It will be interesting to see what the Chinese Government will do about this situation. Will they inject more cash to prop up the markets? Will they restrict big investors from selling stocks? Nobody knows at the moment but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t look good at all.

Dow Jones Index, Jan 6, 2015
Dow Jones Index, Jan 6, 2015

The problems in the Asian markets drove the Dow Jones Index down about 600 points in 3 days of trading this week.  As the moment of writing this article, the US Stock Futures is already down triple digits, which doesn’t look good for tomorrow’s trading in New York. Something is very wrong right now and this writer feels that this might be the big collapse so many analysts predicted. The debt bubble started to explode and it would be surprising to see the markets getting healthier in the short term.

The following video is from Gregory Mannarino.


The big short: My review


The_Big_Short_teaser_posterAfter watching this film, i realized how corrupt the banking system really is. A good overview can be found here.  It is definitely my favourite film of 2015. It is based on the novel by the same name written by author Michael Lewis.

What shocked me the most was the fact that credit rating agencies, banks and the SEC were complicit in the housing market collapse of 2008 as well as the fact that the bankers knew that the tax payers would pay for the mess they created.

It also portrays the indifference on the part of the bankers when it comes to investors. Here’s an text excerpt that appeared at the end of the film:

“When the dust settled from the collapse, 5 trillion dollars in pension money, real estate value, 401k, savings and bonds had disappeared. 8 million people lost their jobs, 6 million lost their homes. And that was just in the USA.”


It seems that greed is never ending in the financial world. The smart ones made huge profits by shorting (betting against) the housing markets. But a lot of small investors lost their life savings because of the corruption and greed.

Here’s another text excerpt at the end of the film. “In 2015, several large banks began selling billions in something called a “bespoke tranche opportunity”.  Which, according to Bloomberg News, is just another name for a CDO.” So this proves that the banks are doing it again, selling junk to their investors, who are naive into buying any of these toxic investments.

I highly recommend this film to everyone!

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