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Mass arrests of the cabal imminent?


There has been rumors of mass arrests of the cabal for quite sometime now. Benjamin Fulford reported on his last post that it could be as early as August 8, 2015 while Nesara News mentions the date of August 17, 2015. Cobra also reported for the last 2 years on the “event”.

Nothing would please me more than to see this “event” happen this year, but i remain neutral because i do not wish to be disapointed. I only know that 2015 will be a turning point in our history, and that great changes are happening as i write these lines. The light forces are playing their cards right but there’s always a necessary  “timing”  for any of their actions against the dark forces that rule our planet.

I also know that our next evolution cycle will be very different. Any and all forms of domination will be eliminated, and a “world regency” will manifest creative ways to fix all the problems humanity is facing, such as poverty, overwhelming pollution, wars, etc. The so called elites will see all of their powers removed and the financial system will go through major modifications.

When the fiat monetary system (banking system), along with the stock markets from around the world collapse to the ground like a card castle, we need to be ready. There are many preppers out there who are giving information on how to do this. Be ready for anything!  🙂


In light

~ teklordz