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The biggest crash in history?














Today can be called a black Monday for the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. After the disastrous results in the Asian markets,  the index fell over 1000 points and later corrected but nevertheless, fluctuated to finally fall  588 points at closing. A handful of day traders made some interesting profits today but most investors were not that lucky.


According to Gregory Mannarino, this crash is even worst than the 1929 crash.  He also doesn’t believe that it was a market correction phase.  I have chekced the index all day and it was interesting to see the roller coaster ride on the live charts. I even had a weird thought of brokers jumping out of windows! 🙂





Please view video below.

I believe that we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. The markets will continue to fall and bring humanity in a global depression never experienced in human history. Be prepared for anything, make sure you have everything you need to go through this major crisis.


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~ teklordz

The collapse of a rigged system

chart1The debt bubble started to implode on most stock markets worldwide. Stock markets are already crashing in 23 nations, most of which are emerging markets. On Thursday and Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 880 points. The devaluation of China’s currency last week as well as the resignation of the Prime Minister of Greece have contributed to this debacle.

By now, almost everyone knows that this “system” is rigged beyond repair. A lot of investors have lost a lot of money in recent days. A system based on debt and derivatives is not sustainable and never will be. The banksters greed and lust for power is coming to an end.  We may very well witness a crisis worst than the 1929 crash.  There is a big currency war going on right now and nobody will win that war.

We need a new system that will be fair for everyone on this planet, a system without interest rates. All nations should print and manage their own currencies, not give that task to  a private corporation like the Federal Reserve. Eventually, humanity will go beyond the need to use currency and we are not that far away from that reality.  But in the meantime,  the culprits of this rigged system will need to answer for their crimes against humanity.  The light will prevail!


~ teklordz





Will we have Nuremberg type trials for the cabal?


I have been researching this topic for a few months now, and found a few websites that talked about that possibility. For some, its pure speculation while others really believe that this will indeed happen. If it does, who would we see in the box of the accused? Well, we could think of the family members of the 13 bloodlines, many of the heads of state, banksters of the IMF, World Bank, JPMorganChase, Vatican Bank, Bilderberg group, the Royal families, and the list goes on and on.

For the past 2 years or so, Cobra has been talking about “the event” on his portal website. The event includes a global reset for the world’s economy as well as mass arrests of the cabal, who have been keeping us slaves of a debt system.  He also said that  cabal members would be prosecuted for their crimes.  Charges would include crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc.

A lot of people are following Rob Potter on , who interviews Cobra on a regular basis. Below is the July 2015 interview with cobra.

The “resistance movement”, according to Cobra, is working behind the scenes to put an end to the domination from the cabal.  Time will tell if all of this information is accurate or not. On a personal note, i sort of wish the information is  accurate.


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~ teklordz


 The ultimate social network



I have been a member of for a while now, and i can definitely say that it’s the best social network i have ever tried. Why you may ask? Well for starters, there is no adds, there is no games, the mobile application is awesome and most of the members are really awake and aware.  With the mobile application, you can even boost your posts with the points you accumulate when you are active on the site, in order to get more views.

Freedom of speech is very important to me and is the place to be to see that it is respected. Unlike Facebook who now wants some of their users to show government issued ID’s to verify their identity,  you can be totally anonymous, and there is no AI buddy to help you interact with your friends.

I have seen some conversations on minds that “blew my mind”. Some of the members show signs of intense intelligence and their light is very strong.  The information i have gathered in the past few weeks has been very helpful in order to expand my own consciousness.  This on line community is simply the best on the web.

Anon from “Anonymous United” interviews William (Bill) Ottman, the Co-Founder of


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~ teklordz


Dow Jones index quickly falling

1monthThe above chart shows the fall of the DJIA (Dow Jones Insdustrial Index). In less than a month, it fell more than 700 points.  The Federal Reserve, who constantly manipulates the markets via JPMorganChase and Deutsche Bank will not be able to maintain their inflated markets for very long. There is a major currency war going on right now between China and the Western financial crooks.

Also, in an article posted today on, the financial problems in Greece are far from over.  The Eurozone is still walking on thin ice, and i still believe that the European Union will soon collapse.  The so called elites have lost control and they are scrambling to fix something that can not be fixed. Their greed and lust for power is turning against them.

The entire (fake) financial system is about to collapse, perhaps as early as next month. As i have stated many times, be ready for anything, don’t rely on governments for anything, because they don’t care about you and i. The light is winning big time over the dark forces who are desperately trying to maintain their dominion over the rest of us.  We will prevail, we will be free!


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~ teklordz

Kali Linux: My review

Screenshot from 2015-08-09 20:28:08

I downloaded Kali Linux and installed it on an old PC. Screenshot from 2015-08-09 21:05:33Although the download ISO file was larger than 3Gb, it was downloaded quite fast.

It’s full a cool features and probably the best distro for offensive security. The new 2.0 version will be available on August 11, 2015. I’ll make sure to update to that version.

There’s a lot of hacking tools i will have to test in the next few days, i just need to increase security before i start. This version of Linux is definitely not for beginners, especially those who have never used a Linux distro before. Any new software install is usually done in “terminal”. More info can be found on

For beginners, i recommend Ubuntu Gnome, it’s probably the easiest version of Linux. It has a software center where you can easily install all the applications you need.

I will write another article as soon as i update this Kali Linux to version 2.0


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~ teklordz


Earth’s secret space fleet

sspRecent revelations by Corey Goode has revealed the presence of a secret space fleet with different factions in our solar system. According to an article by Dr. Michael Salla, “President Reagan’s speech sparked a behind the scenes effort by the United Nations to bond all nations together in a secret space program that would interact with extraterrestrials life”.

You will also find an interesting interview on Dr. Salla’s website with Corey. Questions are pertinent and the replies from Corey Goode are interesting to say the least. I have not suscribed to GaiamTV to watch all the interviews between David Wilcock and Corey Goode but i’m sure that the pertinent information will be released to the entire world.


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~ teklordz